Two of the people who are speaking at the NZSTI Conference have been invited to talk on Radio New National about their presentation to the conference. You can hear both interviews.

Henry Liu was interviewed by Bryan Crump on Nights on Wednesday 17 June. You can listen to the interview in which he discusses the challenges of interpreting (and translation) in conflict and crisis situations at:…/wrong-interpretations

A pre-recorded interview with Stathis Gauntlett is scheduled to be aired on Nights at 7:10pm (approx.) on Thursday 2 July. Stathis will discuss the challenges of translating “The Gangsters” by Lefkios Zafiriou with Bryan Crump. To listen live, tune in to National Radio or use the live stream at After it is aired, the interview will be available to download or share from the Radio New Zealand National Nights webpage:

We encourage you to listen to both interviews to enjoy the conversations between Bryan Crump and these two eminent professionals.

By Mandy Hewett