Shared Aims and Conflicting Interests in Contemporary Translation Publishing

Presenter: Sally-Ann Spencer

The landscape of English-language translation publishing has changed considerably in recent years. This presentation outlines several key developments: growing awareness of the relatively low proportion of literary translations in English-language book production, the proliferation of schemes to support the production and circulation of literary translations in English, and the emergence of new publishing companies in different territorial locations. Considering these developments in the context of increasing uptake of digital technologies, it examines new possibilities for communicating through, and about, translated literature, including the formation of online and offline translation communities and new ways of publishing, promoting and selling translated books. In so doing, the presentation highlights instances of cooperation among publishers, translators, and intermediary organizations, but also considers conflicts of interest, attending to the different roles and priorities of agents and institutions engaged in producing or promoting translated books.

SallyAnnSpencerAbout the Presenter
Sally-Ann Spencer is a literary translator from German and a PhD candidate in Literary Translation Studies at the University of Victoria, Wellington. Her translations include children’s literature, literary fiction, thrillers and fantasy novels.