The Truth about Rates

Because you’re worth it!

Presenter: Karl Wilson

Determining your rates is a crucial step when setting up your business as a translator or interpreter.
What do you need to take into account? What are your real costs? Are you competitive?
This presentation does not aim at “fixing” any rate levels but is rather an attempt to raise the awareness of reals costs incurred today by T&I professionals in New Zealand, to promote a better dialogue with your clients. Prices are often a source of conflict when negotiating with clients and a better communication is the key to clinch the deal.
This presentation will highlight the pros and cons of “going in cheap” from a practitioner’s point of view.

Karl WilsonAbout the Presenter
Karl A. WILSON, translator & interpreter, owner of Tranzearly Ltd.
Karl has been a member of NZSTI since 2013 and became President of its Wellington branch in 2014.
Born in London, and brought up in Germany and France, Karl has been immersed from an early age in the French, English, Swiss, German and Scandinavian cultures.
A former diplomat (Commercial Counsellor) with the French Embassy, Karl has been posted to the United States (twice), Bulgaria, South Korea , Malaysia , New Zealand and Paris.
Having always enjoyed translating and interpreting for his Ambassadors and visiting VIPS, Karl naturally made this his profession and created his own Wellington-based company, Tranzearly Ltd in 2012.
Tranzearly provides interpreting services throughout New Zealand and translations for customers mostly based in Europe, Asia and the United States.