Let’s keep talking…

Presenter: Diana Clark (NICNZ)

Proposal for a National Interpreting Council – in line with other professional bodies such as medicine, physiotherapy and aviation.

Purpose is to promote interpreting services and protect the public and users of interpreting services in New Zealand. The Council will be governed by a National Board made up of industry representatives.

The objectives of the Council are founded on the belief that languages and intercultural competence benefit society economically, culturally and politically.

The Council will undertake a consultation process with the community, government and other key users and stakeholders whenever it develops policies, standards and guidelines.

The Council will service the professional interest of interpreters by delivering high quality services and promoting the interests of the profession.

DianaClarkAbout the Presenter
Diana has been working in the industry in New Zealand for over 12 years and until recently managed Language Line. Prior to working for the Department of Internal Affairs, was a research analyst for the Department of Labour, Policy Unit, New Zealand Immigration Services.

Since 2007, it has been a privilege to have attended Critical Link conferences in Sydney, Birmingham the most recently in Toronto, Canada. The opportunity to learn from the topics raised at such conferences has allowed me to co-edit the publication ‘Interpreting in New Zealand’ the pathway forward as well as revise the ‘Let’s talk’ booklet ‘Let’s keep talking’.

The time spent working in the Middle East as editor for a medical journal, as well as teaching English in Cyprus has contributed to the passion for language.